Armand Skarlett

“What who I am?, .... I´m a dreamer”



Yes, I am a dreamer who not long time ago discovered that design and sewing were his great passions, passions than suddenly appeared and since then they become a faithful partner with whom I learn, develop my restlessness, my thoughts and all my dreams. 

For many years my life was busied by another profession and as time passed and a lot of thinking around my head I realized I needed creativity, or rather, create; so with a little courage and a pich of unconsciousness I jumped into the pool. 

I has always loved the fashion, the sewing, the decorating, the art and everything pleasant to the senses, I really believe that beautiful things help you be happier, take care of hand-made things and make them with love supposed to all around us is imbued with a special aura.

With the idea of pleasing the senses born Skarlett Sewing, a firm under which I try all my thoughts take shape.

I am currently immersed in this blog, in which I try to share what I have learned and I am learning. In the tutorials you can find dressmaking tutorials, sewing courses, DIY, fashion ideas and especially #Minibeautydresses

This is me, and this is my blog and –of course- the Skarlett one, a place where step by step the dreams become reality.

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